american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last season i didn't watch the boot camp part of the show so i really didn't know what to expect, and i was pleasantly surprised. There was more good singing in this one episode than there was in two weeks of auditions haha. Another thing i enjoyed was LESS drama, they kept the drama to a minimum so that's good.

On with this recap.

Diamond White
I Have Nothing
I hate when girls sing this song especially a 13 year old, because this song is always too big for their voice, but to be honest Diamond did a pretty good job with it. It wasn't great but it was good. 

Austin Corini
Make You Feel My Love
I'm with Simon on this one, i actually think people will like him, he doesn't have a huge voice but i kinda like his soft voice.

David Correy
Much better than his audition, I'm actually really starting to like his voice.

Dinah Jane Hansen
There isn't much to say other than this girl has a beautiful voice.

Lyric Da Queen
They never show much of her but I'm really looking forward to see her some more.  But whats up with the eye patch? haha i wonder if shes missing an eye.

Jason Brock
This guy over sings sometimes but not in a bad way. if that makes any sense.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Runaway Baby
Her voice is technically good but i didn't like her in this upbeat song. 

Jessica Espinoza
When You Believe
Man, what the hell? Ok problem is that she chose a damn Mariah Carey song, after auditioning with a pink song. Yeah it sounded a little rough but its wasn't as bad as they made it out to be, she still sounded lovely in some parts. I don't think she deserved to go home, i had big hopes for her. 

Jennel Garcia
I love Jennels voice its haha. The one thing i cant stand is the way she touches her hair on stage and she just comes off as a little cheap. Maybe she should tone the whole sexual thing down a notch.

Vino Alan
Bad Company
Ok it wasn't bad, but i just cant seem to ever be impressed. Hes tone is very unique but I dont care for him eh. 

I thought this was a weird song choice for them but they made it there own, they don't have the best of voices but something about them is just very likeable. These guys are going to do very well on the live shows i hope.

Tara Simon
Somebody To Love
Really? This lady is just plain annoying, id tap that though ha!

Willie Jones
She Think My Tractor Sexy
Looks like Britney Spears isn't enjoying his country singing, i think he did a great job with it though, the problem is that he sounds like he isn't suppose to be singing country music, idk. 

Paige Thomas
I Will Always Love You
Why she picked this song is beyond me. I knew she wouldn't be able to pull it off, she doesn't have a big enough voice, and her vibrato sounds like a machine gun.

CeCe Frey
I Will Always Love You
I hate the fact that they are making CeCe look like a total Bitch, But between her and Paige, CeCe sang this song wayyy better, i actually really like her alot. I hope she changes the attitude a little bit.

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