american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Live Auditions Part 1

The wait is over and the x factor is back! i enjoyed last season so i am hoping that this season is even better, for starters Paula, Nicole, and host Steve Jones aren't here anymore. The new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato i believe are doing great so far. I expected Britney to not be such a good judge but she is actually pretty damn good and shes mean! Demi is also a good judge but shell get better as the show progresses i believe. 

The show still has no new host which is kind of weird for me because the host usually makes the show flow better and interacts with the contestants, they need to find a host soon and i don't care who it is. As for the ratings, it was crap, less than last years premiere and it lost to the voice!? my guess is that people are getting bored of all the backstage talk and not enough talent lets be honest the talent so far is pretty mediocre aside from 2 or 3 really good auditions.

Page Thomas
This girl looks just like Rhianna! haha really though she looks great and she has the attitude. Her voice isn't bad but her vibrato sounds like a billy goat, i hope she gets better but i don't think her voice is strong enough 6.5/10

Reed Deming
I don't really like listening to 13 year old kids sing, and this kid is the perfect example why. he has potential but he needs about 5 more years seriously. He sang grenades and it was just blah. oh and he doesn't want to fall into the bieber category? then why come on the show all biebered up complete with the haircut! 5/10

Don't judge a book by its cover, classic. I actually love his personality and i think hell be fun to watch, also he has a decent voice. i cant decide on what bothered me the most though, his bright pink lipstick or the fact that Simon Cowell fell in love with this guy 7/10

Just for the record these guys aren't a boy band haha.. But whatever they want to call themselves they were one of my favorites of the night. Although the vocals were shaky the rapping was pretty good, i can definitely see these guys becoming very popular this season. I mean hey look what happened to One Direction. 8/10

Jennel Garcia
This sweet little 18 year old girl was so nervous before she got on stage, and when she got on stage it was hands down the hottest audition of the night. The song choice was pretty awesome, and yeah she touches her hair every 5 seconds but oh well who cares. I see her making it to the live shows. 8.5/10

Jillian Jensen
OK the girl who got bullied, yes it was a very emotional audition, i mean this girls voice isn't the best but its good enough and she can sell the emotion very well. The thing is that i don't know how much of her story i actually believe. She says she got bullied yet she brings in a huge fan club and Ive heard shes been performing on stage for a while. well either way it was a good way to end the show. 7.5/10

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