american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This episode wasn't as exciting as the last one, only 3 good auditions once again. I mean i understand that they want to show the drama but I'm sure they can sneak in at least 2 more good auditions. And also Demi needs a new makeup artist, its just too much, tone it down a bit.

Willie Jones
At first we were all probably expecting him to start rapping or sing some R&B but instead he surprised us and sang "Your man" by Josh Turner aka "Baby lock them doors". He has a good deep tone and he is very unique. I wonder how well he'll do with the theme weeks though. 8/10

Julie Bullock
The girl who dumped her band AND her boyfriend haha! Well i mean on one hand she shouldn't had brought them along, but on the other hand they shouldn't stop her from fulfilling her dreams, right? well anyways i LOVED her, i never heard  that song before but she sounded just like Stevie Nicks, am i the only one who thinks that? 8.5/10

Jeffrey Adam Gutt
pronounced "Goot" haha. At first i was ready to be bored away with this tired out Hallelujah, but he was pretty great I've never heard the song sang like that before. He has a good rocker voice and i think he'll make it pretty far. 8.5/10

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