american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

American Idol 12: New York Auditions

Welcome back to another season of American Idol!! For the 12th straight year we set out on a journey to find the next superstar who will win over the hearts of America. With the success of last years winner and season 11 being the most talented season of idol, i hope this season can be just as good or even better. I cant explain how excited i am and hopefully you guys will follow me throughout the season.

Lets get started with the new judges, Randy Jackson is well..Randy Jackson haha love him or hate him am glad there is a veteran on the judges panel.Keith Urban i really like this guy hes really nice, funny, and gives great feedback to the contestants. Mariah Carey has been doing ok but for some reason it seems like she isn't fully focused on the show, idk. Still like her though. And last but not least the most exciting judge to ever be on the panel, Nicki Minaj! yes i cant lie she does get a little annoying sometimes especially when she argues with mariah, but she is so much fun and she actually shows interest in the contestants.

Now on to the auditions!

Tenna Torres
Good voice and has really good vocal control, but her upper register kinda sounds too screechy.

Christina "Isabella"
Why is her name in quotations? is it her nickname? idk haha but this girl has a really big voice and honestly i was prepared not to like it but she sounded great but I'm not completely sold.

Shira Gavrielov
I think she has a unique sound but for me it was a little to all over the place and too loud.

Frankie Ford
love this kids attitude, hardworking, and determined. he sounded pretty good especially with the unexpected song choice.

Sarah restuccio
Her riding on an ATV seems a little too familiar..hmmm..haha but really i didn't like her first song at all i didn't think her voice was that great. When she rapped super bass it was kinda cool i don't think she would have made it if it wasn't for her rapping.

Angela Miller
Beautiful voice, Pretty face, one of the best so far.

Gunpreet Singh Sarin
Very unusual look but his voice to me was just ok, nothing special.

Ashlee Feliciano 
Get ready for the first sob story! haha i loved her voice and i love that she sang a Corrine bailey Rae song. I didn't like how she messed with the melody though.

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  1. Emon you have to see this. found this on Sarah Restuccio's
    combining a little rap with country on an amazing rendition of You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt) All I can say is what a voice and talent! Must see!