american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Sunday, October 14, 2012


This episode included the children and the elderly haha, but really its not fair that they add an over 25's category and LA Reid is bitching. Why include that category then?? Anyway i really liked this episode, for the most part everyone sounded better than i expected.

And it was interesting how almost everyone sang an up-to-date upbeat song but they all slowed them down.

                         LA Reid & The Over 25's

Jason Brock
Big Girls Don't Cry
First let me say he gets extra points for not changing the lyrics of the song from big girls to big boys ha. His vocals were perfect of course but for some reason it was just ok for me. Maybe it was just the song choice that bored me a little bit. No doubt hell make the live shows though.

David Correy
Now alot of people don't like David because they say hes a kiss ass, but hey whatever earns you points with the judges. But even the haters will admit that this was the best performance from this category. his voice is just so marketable, and that last note he hit was crazy. Plus he is the youngest of this group so that is an advantage.

Daryl Black
Shes Gone
Given that his full performance wasn't even shown, am guessing hes going home. His voice sounded nice but i couldn't pick his voice out of a bunch.

Tate Stevens
Back At One
Really smart song choice since it was popular as an rnb song, but nobody knows that it was actually a country song as well. I liked Tate in his audition but i wasn't impressed with the way he sounded on this one, He sounds generic.

Vino Alan
I never liked Vinos voice that much but he almost changed my mind with this performance, it was great. His soulful voice is full of emotion and grit. My second favorite from this category.

Tara Simon
The Reason
Why she made it instead of Jeffrey gutt it beyond me. I'm tired of listening to her sing to be honest, she starts off nice and then she just ruins the whole song. the only good thing i can say about her is that shes good looking.

                        Britney Spears & The Teens

Diamond White
I'm With You
Ok you can tell shes been practicing in the mirror haha. Either than that she sang very well, i wish she picked a different song though because this one was a bit boring. She is definitely a shoe in for the live shows and Its obvious that shes going to be battling against Carly from now on.

Reed Deming
Hey There Delilah
Hey actually sounded alot better than i expected, i actually sorta liked it. The thing i don't like about reed is how serious he is. He acts like hes been hardcore training for this day his whole life. your only 13, go play some video games.

James Tanner
Party Like A Rockstar
Why was this kid advanced to the judges home? What did they see in him that was great enough to be picked over people like Dinah hansen? Sorry am not buying his whole white rapper gig.

Arin Ray
I was really impressed with this performance because i thought he sucked in his audition haha. But his voice actually sounded really nice, sorta like a young usher. I still think his voice is limited though.

Beatrice Miller
This was my favorite performance from this category, this was just amazing. Yeah she isn't a powerhouse like diamond or Carly but her voice is so refreshing and beautiful. I also really liked the arrangement of her song. I hope she makes it far.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Is she really 13? I have a hard time believing that with the way she sings, her voice is so mature and beautiful. This was technically the best vocal performance from the teens. This girl is pretty much the one to beat from this category, amazing!

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