american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, June 8, 2012

The X-Factor 2012: The Good And The Bad

Hello fans of X-factor and perhaps Idol (I refuse to watch The Voice!), This will be my first time covering x factor. while I'm still an "idoloonie" i still have time to watch other singing competitions and the x factor is pretty exciting and to be honest, with idol hitting its lowest numbers in rating XF might be the show to take over, who knows. But before that i want to talk about the things about XF that i prefer over idol, and also the problems with the show. lets begin.

The Good:

Simon Cowell
No singing competition is complete without the grandaddy of them all, Simon Cowell. There will never be a judge as honest and as mean as he is. Every one is concerned with what Simon has to say which makes him the voice of reason. I think that's what idol is missing (sorry randy jackson). But after all I'm sure Simon's evil plan all along was to wait until idol hit the lows and then take over with the x factor.

I love the voting on the x factor, well at least for the first season. there were no "shock" eliminations and the best singer won the whole thing which is the way its suppose to be. unlike the idol audience who has a knack for picking the cute white guys, 5 times in a row. also i like the fact that the judges have the control to send home one of the two lowest vote getter's. 

Variety of talent
I always said that those who cant make idol end up on this show and its somewhat true. you've got rappers, singers, dancers, groups, duos, and even different races, yes im playing the race card because something that idol lacks is...diversity! 

The Bad:

The Other Judges?
The female judges from last year were Paula and Nicole, is there any more explaining to do? Haha well at least Simon was smart enough to get rid of them but now he brought along The very unstable Britney Spears and Demi Lavato who i have a huge crush on. they are both young, talented, and good looking (watch out JLO) but have never done anything like this before so I'm curious on how its going to work out. I hope theres not a complete break down from Miss. "oops i did it again" or even from Demi who suffered from emotional issues. 

New Host?
Whatever that guys name was, worst host Ive ever seen. No host will ever compare to Ryan Seacrest but the most you can do is try and the x factor really needs to bring in some one exciting, hey what about k fed? no? ok..

Age Limit
Ok here is my problem with the age limit, #1 kids like Rachel crow shouldn't be allowed on the show why? because they cant take the harsh realities of reality TV, my proof? go back and watch Rachel crows elimination. #2 older contestants like Josh krajcik, he is very talented but seriously, can he be marketable today? hell probably sell as much records as Taylor Hicks. 

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