american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

American Idol Top 10: Billy Joel

This week the top 10 took on the music of billy Joel. until now i have only heard one Joel song my entire life so all the songs were new to me. Also is it just me or was Tommy Hilfiger's advice WORTHLESS nobody took his advice especially Phillips. And the mentor diddy? C'mon son, he gave the worse advice. i think Billy Joel would have been a better mentor on a Billy Joel week!  but anyways overall, like always there were stand out performances and a few not so good.

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from worst to best (my opinion)

Deandre Brakensick- Only the good die young
Is he still here?? so far Deandre has managed to give very forgettable performances. I considered him a front runner during the SFYL rounds when he sang "this woman's work". but this weeks performance while it was a bit entertaining, with all the great singers this year, Deandre doesn't make the cut. he will end up in the bottom 3.

Heejun Han- My life
I must say im glad he didn't do another boring performance but it doesn't mean i loved this one. it was corny and the vocals were not good. BUT it was a smart move..why? because everyone including heejun knows he isnt going to win much like Sanjaya from season 6, its better to be a remember-able clown than a boring snooze conestant. he wont be eliminated this week because he had way too many fans. 

Hollie Cavanagh- Honesty
Honestly im worried about Hollie. this was the first time she has had vocal problems. i knew she was going to sing a ballad again which makes me think she will catch the pia toscano syndrome. this was a very boring performance and she didn't hit the right notes. shed better sing her butt off next week or shes in trouble.

Joshua Ledet- Shes got a way
I hope joshua isn't a one trick pony because that's whats it is starting to look like. he tried to take it to church again this week but it did not work. he looked uncomfortable and you can tell he didn't like this song. Thats pretty much all i have to say about this performance...he will be safe for now

Skylar Laine- Shameless
Ok i haven't been a skylar fan so far and whenever she performs i don't really care. but i think this was my favorite performance from her but her voice is a still a little too country for my liking. it was forgettable compared to the other contestants which is why its ranked so high on my list. 

Erika Van Pelt- New York state of mind
I think her new look is great! BUT i don't recognize who she is anymore. i feel like she is loosing her rocker edge and this song is just to loungey. I still love her voice and the vocals were flawless but i don't know if america will buy this one.

Phillip Phillips- Movin' out
He didn't listen to Tommy and he didn't listen to move? of course! i think if he would have came out there without his guitar and wearing some flashy clothes..he wouldn't be Phillip anymore. so with that being said i like the performance. i like the way he changes up the melody but it was a little too much growl. no doubt hell be safe.

Elise Testone- Vienna
I loved this one by Elise. her tone, her swag, and that run in the end. this was a great performance. but just like last week i hope she isnt in the bottom 3. maybe its her age or her attitude..i don't get it.

Colton Dixon- Piano man
I have always noticed the little squeak in his voice. you either like it or you don't, i don't mind it. but others consider it annoying. this was obviously suppose to be coltons night and it kinda was. the performance was a 8/10. it was the best song choice of the night and the staging helped.

Jessica Sanchez- Everybody has a dream
Sooo much better than last week. and is it just me or does she sound just like beyonce? well anyways great song choice and overall a flawless performance. she connected very well with the song and used her falsetto and lower register really well.

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